Upper Eyelid


Drooping of the upper lids results from the loss of skin elasticity and the integrity of underlying eyelid structures. This can lead to a decrease in the field of vision.

If your visual field is effected and there is a large degree of skin laxity, an upper eyelid blepharoplasty (eye lift). Eyelid lifts are performed in the OR at The Zatezalo Group as an outpatient surgical procedure. Excess skin is excised using a hidden lid crease incision.

There are many conditions that lead to

drooping eyelids that Dr. Zatezalo will evaluate during your consultation. If the medical treatment of your condition does not lead to a correction of your drooping lids, a surgical procedure may be a possible solution.

Surgical repair of a drooping lid requires a skillful surgeon with extensive training in ophthalmic plastic surgery.  Dr. Zatezalo has special training and expertise in treating cosmetic and functional concerns around the eye.