Revisional Eyelid Surgery



After aggressive cosmetic surgery, several problems that can occur. Seeking a skilled surgeon to resolves these issues is paramount to providing you with the best results possible.

If you cannot close your eyes after upper or lower eyelid blepharoplasty, your surgeon likely removed excessive tissue during your surgery or you had excessive scarring from the surgical approach that was selected. There are several methods used to improve your blink function and produce a cosmetically pleasing result. Depending on the abnormality of your lids, Dr. Zatezalo will select an appropriate treatment regimen to address both the functional and cosmetic components of your lids.

You may also notice that you have a round appearance at the corner and outer segment of

the lower lid.  This can lead to an unnatural appearance and dryness of your eye after cosmetic surgery. The dryness occurs as surgical trauma has compromised key structures needed for a normal blink dynamic. Correcting this rounded abnormality not only rejuvenates the eyelid by restoring the natural eyelid shape, but also improves your blink dynamic and allows for a healthier ocular surface with an improved blink.

After your eyelid surgery, you may also have an asymmetrical eyelid creases. Although a difficult problem to correct, a meticulous revision surgery can improve symmetry.

Revisional eyelid surgery is an outpatient procedure that can be performed at The Zatezalo Group.