Lower Eye Bags Treatment Bethesda-North Bethesda MD

Lower Eye Bags Treatment Bethesda-North Bethesda MD
Lower lid blepharoplasty surgery, tear trough filler or both?

Do you suffer from lower eyelid “bags” in the Bethesda-North Bethesda MD/Washington DC area?  Lower lids bags and periorbital changes can lead to an aged appearance.  As many patients are not interested in surgery, a nonsurgical alternative exists.  Placement of dermal fillers into the tear trough and lateral lid cheek junction can rejuvenate the lower lid and midface area.  Conservative cheek augmentation also helps rejuvenate this area.

Large amounts of filler are usually not needed to achieve a natural look, and may lead to complications and poor outcomes.  A microcannula is the technique of choice when rejuvenating the lower lid, periorbital area and the midface.  This technique leads to less bruising and better results in the hands of Dr. Zatezalo in Bethesda-North Bethesda, MD

Before any filler is placed in the periorbital/tear trough area, other disorders that lead to inflammation and orbital disease need to be excluded.  An oculoplastic/orbital surgeon is doctor with the highest qualification for diagnosing and treating these disorders.

In addition, as we age the eyelid skin becomes wrinkled and thinned, allowing the dark muscle underlying the skin to be evident (dark circles).  To diminish the purple/red hue in the lower lids, Dr Zatezalo uses several different types of lasers to increase the collagen density of the lower lids.  In isolation, the eyelid skin is partially transparent to light which allows the naked eye to perceive the hue of the underlying muscle in the eyelid.  By increasing the collagen density in the lower lid, the transparency of the skin is reduced which diminishes the purple hue.

Finally, the eyelid fat also moves forward and downward to produce a heavy, swollen appearing lower eyelid “bag.”  The bag then produces a shadow leading to an even more evident dark circle and tear trough.  In more extreme cases of forward prolapsing fat, surgery with filler augmentation may be the best option.

There is no one right treatment for every periorbital/lower lid.  Each patient has different anatomy, skin quality and facial structures.   The skin, muscle, ligaments, orbital fat, midface all need to be considered when rejuvenating the lower lid midface area.  Dr Zatezalo is experienced and fellowship trained to perform dermal filler, skin laser surgery, and lower lid blepharoplasty.

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